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This season had a limited run in syndication. They are considered as test pilot episodes. These episodes are somewhat different from the current series considering that Ella and Curtis were C.J.'s mother and father, and there was no Calvin Payne. Demetria McKinney was not a primary cast member.
This season began airing on the cable network TBS. Also, the title sequence from the Test Pilot Episodes, with the actors and their names, is taken out and is replaced by a short title card with the family on the couch.
Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Tyler Perry, Kellie R. Griffin It's Sunday and Curtis criticizes the weekly Sunday dinners after church. Malik tries his best to get out off school and Curtis hates Calvin's mooching. The family learns that someone is stealing Malik's lunch money and Janine sets up an appointment at the school to fix the problem. On the day of the appointment Janine is nowhere to be found so Curtis steps in and sees that Malik's bully is a girl named Nikki (Keke Palmer) who is the foster daughter of Mabel "Madea" Simmons (Tyler Perry), who come into the office and irritates Curtis but the principal resolves Malik's and Nikki's problem by saying they should tutor each other. Later,when Madea comes to the house and meets Curtis' wife Ella, Madea encourages her to kill Curtis with a sweet potato pie recipe. Crossover: This episode proves that Madea's Family Reunion is a part of the same reality as House of Payne.

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Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Tyler Perry, Christopher Moore While Jazmine misses her toys and friends, C.J. has suspicions Janine is cheating on him and is concerned about her unsettled behavior.

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Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Kellie R. Griffin, Tyler Perry While Curtis goes to anger management class, C.J. looks for Janine.
Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Kellie R. Griffin, Tyler Perry C.J is dispirited about his life and his wife. Meanwhile, Curtis sees Malik wearing a tutu.

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Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Anita M. Cal, Tyler Perry While Calvin shows off "his" house to a girl, C.J. puts Janine in rehab after accepting money from Curtis. Directed by: Tyler Perry, Written by: Steve Coulter and Dee Wagner, Tyler Perry While the firefighters have a "Sick Out", Jazmine is stirred by a "Say No to Drugs" seminar at school. Directed by: Tyler Perry Janine's parents show up looking for her. Claretha believes she knows Janine's father.

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